Document Type: Original Article


1 Faculty of Maritime Studies, University of Kyrenia, Cyprus

2 Faculty of Maritime Studies, University of Kyrenia, Cyprus; Biosphere Research Center, Istanbul, Turkey

3 Glenelg Marine Research and Technology Center, Adelaide, Australia

4 WWF-Turkey, Istanbul, Turkey

5 AMBRD Research Center, Istanbul, Turkey



Vermetid reefs are one of unique reef-forming bioconstructions all over the Mediterranean Sea, supporting rich biodiversity and ecosystem functioning such as preventing coastal erosion, modulating the transportation of sediments, and acting as carbon sinks. Since they build on fossilized skeletons of the formal reef builder organisms, they are also invaluable assets to study some parameters of paleoclimatology. However, there have been scarce knowledge on their basic features, distribution, and floral and faunal characteristics, especially in the coasts of Cyprus. Between 2017 and 2019, a study was carried out to determine the distributions of the vermetid reefs, their liveness and ichthyological characteristics in terms of biodiversity throughout 200 km of the northern coastline of Cyprus Island. This study provides first documentation on distribution of the reefs with their biological components and associated fauna for the Island.