1. Morphological variation of Iranian Goby (Ponticola iranicus) in the Anzali Wetland drainage

Nasrin Nikmehr; Soheil Eagderi; Hadi Poorbagher; Keyvan Abbasi

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 10 October 2019

  This study was conducted to compare the morphological characteristics of Ponticola iranicus populations from the Anzali Wetland drainage (wetland and its two draining rivers, namely Siahdarvishan and Pasikhan, Southern Caspian Sea basin). For this purpose, five specimens of P. iranicus from the Pasikhan ...  Read More

2. Length-weight relationship and condition factor of ten fish species (Cyprinidae, Sisoridae, Mugilidae, Cichlidae, Gobiidae and Channidae) from Iranian inland waters

Atta Mouludi-Saleh; Soheil Eagderi

Volume 3, Issue 4 , Summer and Autumn 2019, , Pages 12-15

  During 2010-2017, a total 296 specimens including Romanogobio persus, Hemiculter leucisculus, Schizothorax pelzami, Rhodeus amarus and Cabdio morar (Cyprinidae), Glyptothorax silviae (Sisoridae), Planiliza abu (Mugilidae), Iranocichla persa (Cichlidae), Glossogobius giuris (Gobiidae) and Channa gachua ...  Read More