1. DNA barcoding against poaching of Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra), two confirmed cases from Greece

Anastasios Bounas; Souzanna Siarabi; Chryssoula Papadaki; Elisavet-Aspasia Toli; Konstantinos Sotiropoulos

Volume 2, Issue 1 , Winter 2018, Pages 1-5

  Poaching has been reported as a major threat to the survival of many species including the Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra). We report two recent cases from Greece where COI and Cytb sequences were used for species identification from evidence samples. Not only we confirm the poaching events, but through ...  Read More

2. First report of Oswaldofilaria chlamydosauri, Breinl, 1912 (Nematoda: Onchocercidae) from a new host Paralaudakia caucasia, Eichwald, 1831 (Squamata: Agamidae) and its prevalence and intensity in Mashhad, North-eastern Iran

Farahnaz Molavi; Mahboubeh-Sadat Hosseinzadeh; Amin Ahmadi; Ahmadreza Lagzian

Volume 2, Issue 1 , Winter 2018, Pages 6-11

  Paralaudakia caucasia, a Caucasian Agama, plays an important role as a transport and reservoir host for different kinds of parasites, especially nematodes. We sampled 98 specimens of this lizard between March 2010 to July 2011 at Mashhad, northeastern Iran. Parasites specimens were collected and morphological ...  Read More

3. Observation and studying the morphometerical characteristics in Euphrates turtle

Siamak Yousefi Siahlalroodi; Mona Izadian; Tooraj Valinassab; Neda Kheradpir

Volume 2, Issue 1 , Winter 2018, Pages 12-18

  The Euphrates turtle, Rafetus euphraticus, is one of the least known aquatic species inhabited in northwest of Persian Gulf and Khuzestan province waters. To evaluate the morpho-meterical and biological characteristics of this species, 32 samples were captured from nearby populations of Khuzestan province ...  Read More

4. New insight into the phylogeny of the orchid bees (Apidae: Euglossini)

Taghi Ghassemi-Khademi

Volume 2, Issue 1 , Winter 2018, Pages 19-35

  Orchid bees occur across the American continent, from the southern United States to Paraguay and northern Argentina. There are 240 described species of orchid bees. The phylogeny of these bees has been studied by several researchers. In most cases, phylogenetic trees with different topologies have been ...  Read More

5. First Record of Honey Badger, Mellivora capensis in Sistan and Baluchistan Province, Iran

Mohammad Ali Adibi; Saeed Mahmoudi; Hossein Asgari; Ashraf Ali Hosseini

Volume 2, Issue 1 , Winter 2018, Pages 36-40

  One of the most important conflict between human and wildlife is road accidents. Each year, a significant number of wildlife are killed by vehicle collisions. On 8 Aguste 2016, a carcass of a female Honey Badger or Ratel Mellivora capensis, was observed on the boundary of Gando protected area in Chabahar ...  Read More

6. Notes on habitat affinities of the Hotson's Jerboa Allactaga hotsoni Thomas, 1920 (Rodentia: Dipodidae) from Isfahan province, Iran

Mansureh Khalatbari; Morteza Naderi

Volume 2, Issue 1 , Winter 2018, Pages 41-43

  We could recorded Hotson’s Jerboa in Isfahan Province where is located in the central part of Iran. Totally five specimens of Allactaga hotsoni were captured in Isfahan province, which had not previously recorded in that province. Previously this species was reported fro,m the south of the Iran, ...  Read More